Be Our Guest

Be our guest, be our guest

See that DZ is the best

Bring your questions and concerns to us

And we'll provide the rest


Scholarships, camp retreats

Why the fun here can't be beat

See our chapter, we sure stand out

We're the best and that you won't doubt


We have turtles, a lamp, and rose

They'll be your favorites, don't you know

Our friendships here are never second best

Pledge Delta Nu Z and be part of our family

And be our guest, be our guest, be our guest


Haunted House, Alumni Tea

Are just a few to do and see

We're always there and full of flare

Sisters we will always be

If you're alone and your scared

There's always someone here that cares


Forget your doubts and all the rest

And see that DNZ is the best

Delta Nu Zeta takes the cake

Friends for life, you'll surely make


And all this can be yours if you pledge DZ

Come make your life enhanced

This is the perfect chance

To be our guest, if you're stressed, it's Delta Nu Zeta we suggest

Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest

Delta Nu Zeta Songs