Iowa House Events

2010-04-10 Event to help free Myanmar Prime Minister
Aung San Suu Kyi
  2009-12-25 Christmas 2008

Halloween 2008


2008-09-20 Swami BeyondAnanda Comedy Show
2008-01-01 New Year's 2008
2007-12 Carissa's Birthday Party
2007-12-25 Merry Christmas
2007-12-16 Leora's birthday party and singing
2007-12-13 Santa Lucia - Swedish Saint Lucy's Day
2007-12-05 Sinterklaas - Dutch celebration for Santa Claus
2007-11 Visit to American Gothic House Museum at Eldon, Iowa
2007-10 Halloween Costume party
2007-09 Nazek's Birthday from Lebanon
2007-09-11 September 11th Memorial Day
The truth of what happened to the World Trade Center
2007-07-29 Guru Purnimah
Inaugurating the Tower of Invincibility
2007-04 Ingrid Saterstrom's Birthday - one of Maharishi's 108s
2007-03 Waffle Day - Swedish "Our Lady's Day" - attended by 1966 Miss Sweden & Universe

2007-03 Anniversary of Captain James Kirk's future birthday on March 22, 2228
2007-03 St. Patrick's Day
2007-02 Valentine's Day
2006-12 Christmas tree
2006-12-13 Santa Lucia - Swedish Saint Lucy's Day
Margareta, Helene as St. Lucia, Linda and Jenny
2006-11 Thanksgiving with Invincible America Course Participants
2006-10 Halloween Party
2006-09 Oksana comes from DC to visit house
2006-09 Nicole and Bobbi Jo help Rick to move stuff to the house
Welcome gifts from the neighbors Cookies from Bert and Marsha Bell

Pie from Alan Balmer Family

2006-08-16 Moving in to the house from University Manor
2006-08-15 Purchasing the house

Iowa House